Springfield Medicaid Dentist

Do you have a baby on the way or are you simply seeking a Springfield Medicaid dentist to provide dental care for your child that is 6-18 years of age? Well, look no further. Quail Creek Dental is your Springfield Medicaid dentist that is more than pleased to treat all of your dental needs. Give our friendly Quail Creek Dental staff a call today at 417-720-4075 to schedule an appointment, ask any questions or to obtain information about this particular Springfield Medicaid dentist office.

Medicaid For Expectant Mothers 

It’s not surprising oral hygiene may not be at the top of an expectant mother’s list of health care requirements during their pregnancy, but keeping your teeth clean certainly contributes to your child’s future overall health in addition to your own. Gingivitis during pregnancy is relatively common, so make sure you contact our dental Medicaid dental clinic today at 417-720-4075 to have your teeth cleaned and examined.
This Springfield Medicaid dentist will also advise you on which foods to try to stay away from and how you should brush and floss during your pregnancy for optimal oral health. These steps contribute to a healthier pregnancy you and for your unborn child.
Springfield Medicaid Dentist For Children Aged 6-18
Establishing and maintaining a child’s oral health routine early in life is extremely important for their health and well-being. Quail Creek Dental, as a Springfield Medicaid dentist, would be more than happy to provide regular cleanings, x-rays and any other necessary dental work for your child that is aged 6-18. We offer information on how your child can care for their teeth at home, as good oral hygiene practices are the building blocks for a healthy future and a beautiful smile increases a child’s self esteem during these formative years.

Why Quail Creek Dental As Your Springfield Medicaid Dentist?


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Quail Creek Dental realizes there is a quite a selection of Springfield Medicaid dentists to choose from, but this Springfield Medicaid dentist uses state-of-the-art comfort technology, has flexible scheduling and is a true believer in patient satisfaction through building relationships. Make sure you contact Quail Creek Dental today at 417-720-4075 today to have us become your new Medicaid dentist and clinic if you are an expectant mother or have a child who is 6 to 18 years old.