Kid Friendly Dentist at Quail Creek Dental

At Quail Creek Dental we want you and your child or children to feel as comfortable as possible when it comes to dental care. That is why we take extra measures to make kids feel at ease whether it is their first or fortieth time seeing the dentist. Creating a good memory at the dentist early on can help promote lifelong dental health for your children.

Why a Kid Friendly Dentist?

You certainly want a dentist that makes your child feel comfortable in the dental chair. Most kid friendly dentists take extra measures to make the experience enjoyable and even entertaining for a child. They often make a point avoid using any language that may make the child ill at ease. Since many people fear dental visits, teaching a child at a young age that a dental visit is not frightening will be something that remains with them as they grow into adulthood.



Some Functions A Kid Friendly Dentist Performs

  • Promoting excellent dental hygiene through initially caring for baby teeth and teaching both parents and children how to properly care for the teeth and gums
  • Tracking how the teeth develop. This can be quite important as a pediatric dentist can ward off a problem before it ever has to become one. Healthy teeth can provide a child with a higher level of self-esteem.
  • Preventing cavities. When your kid friendly dentist teaches the family the correct procedures to follow to ensure their child’s long-term oral health, they can also incorporate fluoride treatments and dental sealants to aid in cavity prevention.
  • Implementing oral health treatments. If a child experiences some kind of oral injury, has malocclusion or grinds their teeth, a kid friendly dentist can immediately apply the most effective treatment so there is no long term damage.

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