Quail Creek Dental Infection Control

Infection Control is Essential for Your Dental Health.


Our office here at Quail Creek Dental regards your dental and overall health as our top priority. Due to this, we strive as your Springfield Missouri dentist to provide a sanitized and safe clinical environment optimized for infection control. Our team strives to not only meet established safety protocols but also to eradicate and prevent viral and bacterial infections. Quail Creek Dental works hard to exceed those standards by ensuring the following:

  • Isolating equipment by draping it in disposable covering
  • Changing protective gloves for each and every patient
  • Wearing face masks to prevent the spread of airborne bacteria
  • Wearing protective eyewear
  • Cleansing all instruments at 350 degrees to ensure intensive sterilization
  • Using a specialized sterile solution to clean all areas of exposure including tables, racks and counter tops
  • Discardingall sharp instruments and needles immediately after use in a biomedical waste receptacle


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policy to control office related infections, please feel free to contact Springfield dental office today at 417-720-4075!