Quail Creek Family Dentistry

Our Springfield, Missouri, family dentistry clinic provides general dental care such as:


  • Cleanings  
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Emergency dental care
  • Services for the entire family from toddlers to seniors
  • Improvement on overall health as well as dental health
  • Education on dental hygiene techniques


Why Is a Local Family Dentist Essential?

In order for any Springfield, Missouri resident to maintain excellent dental health throughout their entire life, a Springfield, Missouri family dentistry professional should begin preventative dental care once a child turns a year old.
Preventative dental care for children from your family dentistry professional consists of:

  • Showing children how to brush and floss
  • Establishing which vitamins and nutrients are important for proper growth
  • Giving fluoride treatments at regular intervals
  • Keeping an eye on how the child’s teeth grow and their overall oral health
  • Educating the family on proper dental techniques to keep their teeth healthy and strong
  • Treating any cavities, injuries to the teeth, or any other problems that arise
  • Care for dental emergencies
  • Providing sealants to prevent decay

Preventative dental care for adults from your Springfield, Missouri family dentistry professional is just as important for adults, as nearly three quarters of United States citizens have some kind of gum disease.

This type of family dentistry care for adults involves caring for their teeth on a daily basis by establishing a routine including:


  • Brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush with round-ended bristles
  • Brushing your teeth by placing the bristles of the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the gumline
  • Concentrating on two or three teeth at a time with a slight forward to backward action
  • Flossing your teeth with 18 inches of dental floss
  • Making sure the floss reaches below the gum line
  • Gently tugging the floss between each tooth and also makeing sure the floss reaches around the sides of each tooth
  • Each tooth requires a fresh, unused section of dental floss

Why Select Quail Creek Dental For Your Springfield, Missouri Family Dentistry Needs?

Quail Creek Dental is conveniently located in Springfield, Missouri, providing everything for your family’s dental health needs. Call Dr. Stunkel and the Quail Creek Dental Team Today!


  • Their willingness to develop relationships with their patients to make them comfortable and at ease in the dental chair. This is especially important for children. Family-Dentist-Clinic
  • Their goal to improve every patient’s smile
  • Their office incorporates the latest dental technology
  • The use of comfort technology to ensure every patient is pain-free for every appointment
  • Their enthusiasm and skill for educating their patients on daily oral hygiene techniques
  • Their willingness to provide emergency dental care that is convenient to the patient
  • They accept nearly all insurance plans including Medicaid for young children and expectant mothers
  • Affordable rates
  • A keen attention to infection control and sanitation

Contact Quail Creek Dental today at 417.720-4075 to schedule an appointment to address your Springfield, Missouri, family dentistry needs, to ask any questions you may have or request an office tour.