Emergency Root Canal

Emergency Root Canal

Same Day Root Canals

Tooth pain can come at the worst of times, ruining days of work or relaxation with the family. Also, tooth pain can come in many forms and one of the more common procedures we see here at Quail Creek Dental is root canals. That is why our emergency setup allows for painless and quick emergency root canal procedures in our Springfield dental ER.

Why Choose Quail Creek Dental for Root Canal Procedures?

In addition to our recent office expansion, our main focus is your comfort while solving your tooth problem(s) painlessly. Like we mentioned, we have recently updated our Southwest Springfield clinic to accommodate over twice as many patients as before in both our waiting area and exam rooms. Many root canal patients enter our clinic and exit in under two hours; never having to be seen again for the same issue.  Many patient reviews offer testimony to the pain-free experience and ease of appointment either by phone or contact form.