What Is A Denture? Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures come in two different types: complete and partial.  Whether you’re missing some or all of your teeth, or have some teeth that need to be extracted, give us a call. We are happy to talk about treatment options to best suit your needs.

Both complete and partial dentures can be removed and each comes in two forms:

Complete Dentures

  • Complete – These are used when all of the teeth are either missing or must be extracted.
  • Partial – When some natural teeth still are in place, a partial denture is used.
  • Conventional – This simply means the dentures are created after the teeth have already been missing or extracted long enough for healing and shifting of the gum tissue to take place. It takes roughly two to three months after teeth have been extracted for the mouth to be ready for complete dentures to be used.
  • Temporary –  Temporary dentures can be placed immediately after teeth are extracted, and are commonly used to help patients maintain a normal appearance and ability to chew until their mouth is ready for permanent dentures to be created.

Ask Dr. Stunkel today for more information about the various kinds of dentures and to see how he can help select the correct option for you!

Cosmetic Dentures

It is essential to acknowledge that bone and gum tissue have a tendency to reduce in size as they heal. Immediate dentures may require many more adjustments to fit the mouth comfortably than a set of conventional ones would. In nearly all cases, they should only be used if a person is uncomfortable without teeth during the healing process and conventional dentures should be the final result.


Removable partials are a great alternative to restore your smile and provide functionality. Patients who don’t have the required teeth for a bridge benefit the most from this process. Partials are also very affordable. They can be used to replace one tooth or multiple teeth and the cost is usually the same.   Technology has improved how a partial denture looks as well.  Gone are the days where partial dentures required metal clasps to hold the teeth in place.  In most cases, Quail Creek Dental is able to use gum colored flexible clasps that look and feel great. These dentures look very much like the natural teeth and can be removed without the aid of Dr Stunkel.

Cosmetic Dentures Springfield Missouri

  • Cosmetic dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth that serve to bring your youthful smile back. There are a number of different partial denture design options with each having their benefits. Dentures blend in with existing teeth and are set in a colored base material designed to blend in with your existing gums.
  • Full dentures differ in that they replace all teeth on either the lower or upper jaw, or both.

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