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springfield-missouri-dental-emergencyDo you have a dental emergency in the Springfield, Missouri area?


Quail Creek Dental offers same day dental emergency service in the Springfield, Missouri area.

We know what it’s like to have a dental emergency and it seems like a fractured, abscessed or painful tooth or teeth always occurs when the dental office is closed. Here at Quail Creek Dental, we do have established office hours, but offer same day emergency dental service outside of regular clinic hours. Your Springfield emergency dentist, Dr. Stunkel & staff, would be more than pleased to remedy your issue as soon as possible for a same day dental emergency and you certainly do not have to be an established patient to be seen after hours. We are available to treat same day dental emergencies usually within 24 hours and are more than willing to bring you into the office until around 8:00PM during the week as well as on the weekends.

Dental Emergencies happen; and usually at the worst time. So call Springfield emergency dental office Quail Creek Dental today to address your same-day dental emergency! If you’re having tooth pain give us a call as you don’t need to be an established patient to be seen right a way.

Dr. Stunkel is happy to see you after hours and we are usually available on weekends as well to fix your dental er issue.

Clinic Address: 144 W. Republic Rd #144 Clinic 417-720-4075

Guidelines For Emergency Dental Appointments

We would like ensure our dental policy for emergency dental appointments is clearly outlined for our patients. We would like you to know what to expect prior to arriving at our office for an emergency dental appointment.

Situations That Could Qualify as Dental Emergencies

  • Cracked, chipped, fractured or decayed tooth or teeth
  • Excessive pain in your teeth, jaw or gums dental-emergency-springfield-mo
  • If a crown or filling happens to fall out
  • Any dental situation that is causing an intense amount of discomfort


General Guidelines 

We will accommodate your needs in whatever fashion we can but please bear in mind:


  • If your appointment is scheduled after our office hours or over the weekend we must make special arrangements to determine our staff availability for your dental emergency
  • Payment is $340.00 payable before you are seen by the dentist
  • We cannot process insurance over the weekend hours as representatives are not available at that time. If you do have dental insurance, we will be happy to help file paperwork to ensure the maximum benefits of your insurance
  • In order to streamline the process for your appointment, you can fill out our intake form online prior to arriving at the office
  • You can also print the form (bottom right) and fill it out as well to save time after hours

Dental Emergency Payment Information Springfield-Dental-ER

We are happy you are considering us for your dental ER needs & will accommodate you however we can.  Please be aware that if you are seen after hours or on weekends we must make special arrangements to ensure staff availability.  The minimum fee for this is $340.00, due before you are seen, applicable to any needed treatment.  We can not do “in house” financing or payment arrangement’s.  0% down and 0% financing available through Care Credit.
We do not stock drugs nor prescribe them to non-established patients without being seen first.  To help us treat your emergency sooner, please fill out our paperwork online.

Our Procedure For Same Day Dental Emergency

As soon as you begin to feel pain, discomfort, swelling or realize you may have a fractured tooth, pick up the phone immediately to dial our office. With any sort of dental emergency, especially advanced decay, the sooner we can get to the root of the problem, the less invasive the treatment plan normally is. Once you are in the chair, the first step will be xray the offending tooth or teeth to ascertain the cause of your same day dental emergency, then we will implement the treatment. Normally, the entire procedure can be accomplished in that one visit.

We are unable to prescribe medication to any patient over the phone without examining them.

Again, don’t hesitate to call Springfield dental ER office Quail Creek Dental today for your same day dental emergency service at 417-720-4075.

New Patient Form

Save time by filling out the form before you arrive. Click to download and print.

At least one X-ray will likely be needed in order to aid in diagnosis of your dental emergency.  Our emergency dentist is often able to complete treatment during the same visit.

Dental Emergency

March 5, 2016