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Unfortunately, beverages such as coffee, tea and wine, along with tobacco and even some antibiotics, have the potential to stain your teeth. This leaves the enamel dull, spotted or yellow. Luckily, your Springfield Missouri Dentist offers a very affordable option for teeth whitening. 

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Although there are now numerous at home products on the market to add some sparkle to your smile, but you will achieve noticeably better results with your dentist than something purchased over the counter.

A patient can have the whitening procedure performed under a dentist’s supervision in the office, but he or she can also take home custom made whitening trays. Teeth Whitening trays will be filled with a bleaching solution much more concentrated than the kits on the shelf at the drugstore for more rapid and durable whitening.

Why go to the Dentist for teeth whitening?

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The kits purchased from the store do not possess the bleaching capacity on par with the take home whitening trays from the dentist. Compare this to drugs such as Mucinex, which previously required a prescription, but there was a fairly significant reduction in active ingredients when it was sold over the counter.

Some over the counter home teeth whiteners can cause irritation to the teeth and gums, especially if the teeth are sensitive or not in perfect condition. A dentist can provide a program that is perfectly attuned to your needs including a topical solution to reduce sensitivity during the process.

In addition, box kits only chemically react with the tooth enamel. If a person whitens their teeth too frequently, the teeth can turn an entirely different color than pre-existing dental work. This is especially true if teeth whitening toothpaste is regular part of the dental hygiene regimen.

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